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The girls and women of PEE BREAK GIRLS are amateur models who agree that their boyfriends or husbands videotape them when they are in desperation and have to pee in nature. The primal name of this website was DARE TO SQUAT, because these girls and women dare to bare their pretty buttocks in front of the camera and dare to squat for a pee while they are videotaped. By changing the server where this website had been hosted before also the website changed its name: Now you can call the girls and women who dare to squat simply peebreak-girls.

When a girl or a woman has to go outside to pee she has the disadvantage to a boy or to a man that she has to bare her bottom. Therefore you can find several peeing sites in the web, but peeing clips that show the bare bottom of the squatting girl or woman are rare. In this website every video clip displays at least one female bare bottom.

Some of the peeing sites in the web are voyeur sites. It may be exciting for many men to catch a squatting girl or women with jeans down and with bare bottom. But if you want to videotape her she should agree. We also have voyeur clips in this website. These scenes where our peebreak-girls had been caught in act had been videotaped by their boyfriends or husbands. But they agreed afterwards that the clip could be published. That’s the differences between this website and other peeing sites in the web.

Please notice that all of our peebreak-girls and also all of our camera men are real amateurs. You can join this website by paying the bill. But there is a second possibility: You can also join our community if you sent us a video clip that shows your private model squatting and peeing with bare bottom. If she is shy you can videotape her from behind and her face will not be displayed. If the clip is okay we’ll give you a FREE MEMBERSHIP for one month. We don’t publish video clips that are stolen from other websites and we don’t publish video clips that show the vagina of the model.

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